Rules of the site



1- General rules of

By using the site, everyone has to respect these principles :

Honesty – Peace – Harmony

Please note: these are not just “beautiful words”, but principles to be taken really seriously, and to apply literally here, always.

Honesty :
You agree to never lie, nor cheat, nor contribute to the distortion of the truth, when using the website.

If you need to do such things, this is possible and allowed in almost any other place outside “Autistan” spaces.
We do not force anyone to come or to stay here : maybe you have the right to “distort” in other places, but never here.
There are no exceptions.

Peace and Harmony :
You agree to avoid contributing to quarrels or to destructive or negative things, or anything which could disturb or annoy the other members, especially the most sensitive autistic users.

In particular : you will not talk about PROBLEMS !
Please, anywhere else, but not here, not in our “refuge”.

The struggles and the fights may be necessary, but this space is not the adequate place for that : it is our “refuge”.
Please, help us to maintain the Autistan protected from the usual “social pollution”, confusion and vices.

In other words :
Please give the best of yourself here,
and this will be beneficial for all of the users !
Here, in our positive and protected space, this is possible.

2- Publication rules of

* General rules of publication :

  • Talk about what you like, and not about what you do not like !
  • Talk about what you would like to do, or about what you would like to see for the autistics or for the world ;
  • Talk about your passions, your ideas, your hopes ;
  • Talk about “Autistan“, the autistic “mental world”, about your personal autistic points of views ;
  • In general, talk about positive and constructive things, and not about problems or desperating things : there are already some famous social networks for that.
    Indeed, here we are in a “refuge” of “Autistan”, where the usual social nonsense, confusion, disharmony, lies, perversion, hostility and other “normal social flaws” cannot exist.
  • Respect the rules of the site (honesty, peace and harmony), for example :
    • No  “pollution” by “normal social disturbances” and other problems, for example :
      • No complaints, laments, and bitter comments (for example, about the social problems imposed on the autistic or other minorities, or about problems in general, because the autistic people don’t come here for a “refuge”, and not to be reminded once again all the “social suffering” that is unavoidable in other social places) ;
      • No talks about our “political struggles”, about self-advocacy, activism, or any problems or fights in general (there are associations, forums and other places for that) ;
      • No talks about the “ordinary” social problems and troubles, that even the non-autistic people are talking about, almost all the time (indeed, we have already more than enough with the problems imposed on us by the “normal majority” : all these things and “social nonsense” shall not be allowed to contaminate our site, which is a “refuge” of “Autistan”).
    • No criticism or quarrels :
      • About people outside the site (so as not to introduce disharmony here) ;
      • Especially against other members of the site (because the problems between two people must be resolved in private (or with the Admin, or elsewhere), not to “contaminate” other users).

To talk about problems, there is Facebook and almost any other place outside our site.

* Personal publications (personal blogs or posts) :

  • Any subject corresponding to your autistic interests, provided that it respects the general rules of publication, and the general rules of the site (honesty, peace and harmony).
  • Talk about yourself, about your personal passions, interests, ideas etc.

* Group publications and forum publications :

  • They should not be focused on you or your interests;
    they must be of general interest for autistic users and for visitors interested in autism,

    AND :

    – for “Autistan” groups : only original texts and photos created by the members ;

    – for other groups : articles must have an obvious relation with autism.

* Comments or replies (in response to personal articles, group articles, pictures, and forum topics) :

  • They must be directly related to the article or subject.
    When a comment or an answer starts to change the subject :
    – Other users should not follow on this “off-topic” ;
    — They can propose to create a new topic separately.

** Recommendations for private messages :

Private messages are not “publications”, and they remain private (and the administration of the site can not see them), but here are some tips :

  • Always try to apply the general rule of the site (honesty, peace and harmony) ;
  • The “frictions” between people almost always comes from misunderstandings and misinterpretations, generated by the limitations of language (especially written language) and the “normal conventional perversions” of language: in case of discord between people, here are two methods that make it possible to understand each other and to eliminate problems :
    • Stop written messages, and talk orally, if possible, (with Whatsapp audio messages etc., or real-time audio discussions) ;
    • Ask for help from someone else to do a neutral mediation (because this person won’t have “emotional bias” (harmful for comunication), and will quickly see the errors of interpretation).

Reminder to read before publishing anything (including comments)
(This page opens in a new tab or window.)

Right of suspension and of removal by us

Being a user of the website is not a right, but a privilege granted free of charge (except for the “visitors”, who pay a very small “visa fee”).
Therefore, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently block accounts or users whose activities or publications appear to be incompatible with the rules of the site, and who do not take our warnings into account.

Our conception of fair exclusion

Anyone who has activities contrary to our rules here will receive warnings, will be invited to give explanations, and will be listened to with attention and loyalty.
We will not exclude a user without offering him or her real opportunities to defend himself or to be defended.
If a “problematic” user does not reply to our messages on the site and by email, we will try to contact him by other means, in order to be sure that he had the possibility to give us his or her explanations.

Release of liability

We are not responsible for what may result from the publications or from the behavior of users.
Our rules are designed to avoid problems, and users should avoid publishing sensitive data.