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Click here to show all the users (Map [1][2][+]) (= including the visitors, the refugees, the friends…) is the network of the autistic people in the world.

This is the “visual interface of the thoughts of the autistic people”,
which means that this website is the closest way to “reach Autistan” (i.e. to reach the autistic mental world).

And this is our autistic refuge, protected from the “social pollution” (disharmonies, confusions, nonsense, errors, vices, cheating, lies, aggressivity, greed, and so on)…

Here is how :


“Autistan” is a concept, this is the “country” of the autistics (in a figurative sense), or the “world” of the autistics .

“Autistan” is not material, it does not know space or time ; but we have an “organisation” ( which is trying to improve the relations between the autistics (and “Autistan”), and the “normal society”.

Autistic network

The autistic people in the world have certain similarities, regardless of their country ; many of them would like to have friends anywhere in the world, but this is difficult because of :

  1. the distances ;
  2. the “language barrier”;
  3. the “toxic” atmosphere of the mainstream social networks ;
  4. the “usual misunderstandings and rejection or oppression” which are most of our “social life”
  5. the fact that “no one knows how is who” (one does not know if a user is really autistic or not).

We are striving to reduce these problems :

  1. We try to provide various communication tools through the Internet, allowing the users to express themselves and to know each other, thanks to pages of profile, personal articles, blogs, pictures, videos, friends system, private chats, forums, etc., and also a system of world map, allowing the users to travel and to discover other users (they may also simply visit cities and other places, by clicking  the button “Satellite” on the map (for example, in order to figure better about the environment and the life of their friends)).
  2. The translation in real time allows to read, to chat and to write articles in your native language, always. You don’t need anymore to know the language or the country of the other persons. This removes barriers, and this helps us to feel like being part of a “community” : this way, life can be better, we can feel less “lonely and rejected” (or even “inferior”).
  3. Lies, quarrels and negative things are banned here (almost anywhere else, there is enough space for that) ; and here we talk only about positive “autistic things”, not about the usual (social) problems (except in special sections of the forum, reserved for verified autistic users).
  4. The creation and the direction of all the “Autistan” concepts are entirely made by autistics.
    We understand autism. Not through books or trainings or conferences, but through our lives.
    Hence, here there are no such things as “usual misunderstandings and rejection or oppression”.
  5. We are do everything possible for our members to know if the other members are autistic or not, eliminating many doubts, tensions and other problems.

Good and positive

The general rule of the site is “Honesty, Peace & Harmony”.

In other words, if all the users respect that, there should be “only good and positive” in
This is very important, since this space is our virtual refuge.
In order to be “compatible” with “the world of the autistics”, here we have to give the best of ourselves.
(This remark applies also for the autistics who have been “contaminated” by the erroneous and negative things imposed by the “normal system” and its communication flaws, its automatic interpretations and accusations etc.)


We are all human beings : we should all help each other, instead of rejecting or fighting one another just because of fear, ignorance, egoism or greed.
(Rejecting or oppressing the vulnerable humans is not very fair nor admirable .)
Unlike most “normal people”, we are welcoming the “difference” : that is why we accept the persons who are not autistic (with the status of “visitor with a visa” or “refugee” – which should be taken with some humor, and not as a kind of “retaliation”).

The non-autistic users can be on our map of the world, they can read most of our publications, they can make friends and chat with other users ;  if they have a “visa” they can comment the publications, but they cannot publish their own posts, because we want to maintain a genuine autistic identity here (and the “autistic places with freedom and empowerment” are extremely rare).

We hope that the autistic users will be happy to share their publications and their creations (through pictures, movies etc.), and that the non-autistic users will like to discover how every autistic has an original and unique approach of life.

As long as your intentions and your behaviour here are “straight”, and in harmony with this atmosphere, you are welcome to our world !

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and if you want to respect, here, “Peace, Honesty and Harmony,”
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